HIP BioTech nasal swab collection

The Thai FDA-approved Rapid Antigen Test Kit – Nasal Swab Test (Thai FDA no. A6061217) is available to purchase for KIS students only. Please read the sales conditions below:

  • As you proceed to checkout, we will ask and cross-check your child’s student ID.
  • One student may purchase up to 50 test kits for term 2 period.
  • Parents may buy up to 50 boxes of HIP BioTech or combine HIP BioTech nasal swab kit  with Wise Test saliva kit to make the total of 50 boxes.
  • Parents may not purchase 50 HIP BioTech nasal swab kits and another 50 Wise Test saliva kit. The total purchase of both test kits must not be more than 50.
  • HIP BioTech comes in individual box containing one test kit per box. One box costs 57 baht.
  • This offer ends if you have reached your maximum purchase quantity or end of term 2.
  • There will be no returns or refunds.
  • We cannot guarantee the test kit returns 100% accuracy. All test kits have passed their manufacturing standards.